14 01, 2022

Find a Time System That Works For You


Reading Time: 7 minutes Key messages:- Principles are the big rules you live by and hacks are those little ways we have of easing the daily grind. Systems are in between. - A good system should primarily allow you to distinguish between urgent and important and work towards those key accomplishments that will make a difference to you! Put simply, time systems allow us to structure our day such that we get to accomplish what we want and don’t get lost in long to do lists and other people's priorities. This post covers a number of systems I have [...]

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11 01, 2022

Feel Stuck in a Time Management Loop?


Reading Time: 8 minutes Key messages:- Having strong time principles allows you to protect your time and energy from other people's priorities. - Whatever your principles, stick to them! Time management seems to offer a path to ever-increasing productivity and yet is highly limited in what it can deliver. Indeed, for many, it often increases stress rather than bringing a sense of calm and control. The fact is that there are still only a given number of hours in a day. Deduct sleep and the time you need for daily life and responsibilities and most people only have a comparatively [...]

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5 11, 2021

To Do or Not To Do?


Reading Time: 4 minutes The great tragedy of the to-do list is that it was put together by the person you were yesterday.David WhyteTo-do lists are the portal through which many people view their lives. In a complex world, they can help calm our brains, which have a tendency to hang on to the undone and the unfinished. It can thus be very helpful to get it all out of your head and give your brain permission to let go in the knowledge that it won’t be forgotten. What happens, however, is that these lists either multiply or get so [...]

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26 01, 2021

Are goals simply homework for your future self?


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve had clients who came to me with hundreds of “goals” spread across countless wish lists. The lists kept growing as new goals outpaced achievement. While a powerful motivator for many, goals can become a statement that you are currently in some way incomplete and will only be complete when all the goals have been achieved. With those lists growing longer you can just imagine the inner dialogue: I never achieve anything, I’ve no self-discipline, I’ve no motivation, I’m no good. They felt overwhelmed with so much to do and so little time. One lady could [...]

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