Thinking Partner: Let's Create Some Headspace!

What Does Tom Offer?

It is important to emphasize at the outset that while what you are about to read may seem fuzzy or theoretical at times – “Am I right in saying that we will basically talk?” – it is by its nature highly practical.

This means that, as we move from call to call, you should feel the benefits and experience immediate impact through thinking differently, behaving differently and doing things differently.

As with any menu, the options can be tweaked to suit your particular needs. And yet, as the options are based on the intensity and frequency at which we might work together, they should give you some sense of how we might work together:

  • Intensive:
    • Who is this for?

      Leaders who need to stop and do a 360 on themselves and their organisations.

    • How does it help? Quick, intensive support to gain clarity about where you are, where the organisation is at, the challenges you are facing and what options might be available.
    • Key Points: This one-week intensive includes daily calls to unleash energy and fresh thinking and reflect on any gap between vision, strategy and on-the-ground delivery. Each call builds on the previous one and allows you time in-between to take concrete mini-steps to apply some of what has been learnt.

    • Structured:
      • Who is this for? Leaders seeking regular, structured support to enhance all aspects of their leadership, from their big-picture thinking and decision-making to how they turn up day-in day-out and the choices they make.
      • How does it help? Offers ongoing support for near-term decision-making, provides space for reflection on progress and next steps and aids in soft skill development.
      • Key points: Engage in weekly calls over a minimum of three months to foster continuous personal and professional growth, ensuring consistent progress.
    • Unlimited:
      • Who is this for?

        Leaders committed to holistic development, requiring flexible and extensive support to explore and optimise every aspect of their lived experience.

      • How does it help? Provides comprehensive support for leadership challenges, facilitates mindset and behavioural shifts, and helps build a broader thinking environment.
      • Key points: This package offers the most intensive and flexible support with the ability to schedule next day calls as needed. It requires a minimum commitment of one year (in practice this equates to 10 months of working together). The blend of intensity and duration create scope for significant transformation and the freedom to explore topics deeply and spontaneously.

    In Other Words…

    Working with Tom, you will not only tackle immediate challenges but also engage in a transformative journey that encompasses:

    • Cultivating decision-making: Enhance your ability to make more intentional decisions, from everyday choices to critical strategic decisions, unlocking deeper insights and broader perspectives.
    • Expand thinking horizons: Think more deeply and broadly, unlocking possibility and greater “optionality”.
    • Developing soft skills: Continuously improve essential soft skills as part of your journey of mastery.
    • Building a thriving mindset: Cultivate resilience and adaptability to thrive in every facet of your life.
    • Living intentionally: Deepen your presence and mindfulness, enriching your daily experience and interactions.

    Want to hear more?

    Is This Right for Me?

    Working with Tom is a significant investment and a commitment to your own growth and transformation. It requires openness to new challenges, a continuous quest for excellence, and a readiness to potentially transform how you lead and live.

    Ask yourself:

    – What value do I anticipate from working with Tom?

    Looking back three years from now: How has my world been transformed?

    – Am I prepared to invest energy and money in this journey?

    – If not now, what other paths might I explore?

      The key question then is: On a scale of 1 to 10, how right does this feel?

      If you are 8 or below, my invitation is to take maximum advantage of the free content on this site to become more curious and expand how you think. I also endeavour to answer every email so if you have any queries do reach out.