“Make room for the real important stuff.” – Tigger

As leaders we’re on a journey. We can’t take everything with us. Our backpack would be too full. So what do I need to let go of?

Q: Where am I holding on to things that may not serve me? Things that suck energy from me?

Q: Also, who do I need to bring along on my journey to support / help with what I want to accomplish?

* Inspired by Dr. David Drake from the Moment Institute: https://www.themomentinstitute.com/

Who And What Am I Taking On My Journey?

Tom’s Reflections on These Questions

I did a lot of travelling with my mother when I was young. We would occasionally go to a single destination and stay there for a couple of weeks but most of the time we roamed around.

I therefore become very aware very quickly of the baggage we were bringing with us. My mother had a whole list of “What ifs…” that needed to be catered for so the bags (there were always at least one for each hand) were unreasonably heavy.

When I started travelling on my own and with my future wife, travelling light therefore became a key criterion. What was absolutely essential? What could we buy if we really needed to? We found that the list of essentials was rather short for most activities and we always looked for ways to keep it trim. We continue doing so to this day.

This metaphor equally applies to our psychological baggage. Past experience can stay with us until we set it down. Past ways of thinking, of seeing the world, of being with others.

  • And yet, we need to ask ourselves how it is helping us on our current journey?
  • What then might we set down?
  • How might we lighten our load?

Programme Overview

The Curious Leaders programme is designed to foster a deep sense of curiosity about who you are as a person and as a leader. It challenges you to reflect on what you can do each day to become a more effective leader. The premise is that before we can truly lead others, we first need to lead ourselves.

It thus ultimately starts with self-leadership. This is about building a practice of reflection and action whereby we become increasingly curious about how our thinking is impacting our actions. This is the first step in building a world in which curiosity shapes leadership.

In this world, leaders aren’t boxed in by traditional thinking or established playbooks. They are open to fresh ideas and diverse perspectives, fostering a culture of exploration and learning. In truth, nurturing curiosity in leadership is essential if we are to address the key challenges of the 21st century.

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