I am left-handed but my dad forced me to write with the right so my left is not as developed as it might be. In doing exercises to stimulate the neural pathways to the left, I have realised the benefit of doing the same exercise with both hands.

Try out this short meditation drawing a wave across a page. Take 2 A4 sheets and a pencil. I’ll set a 2-minute alarm. Close your eyes and as you slowly breathe in draw a straight line with your right hand up the left-hand side of the first page.

Without taking the pencil off the page come back down when you breathe out. Keep doing this until the alarm goes. Repeat with the other hand for a further 2 minutes. Discuss what (if any) images came up for you!

How Can I Use Both Hemispheres?

Programme Overview

I have the privilege of being part of an amazing peer-support group that meets every two weeks with one purpose: “to support our development as coaches!”

And yet, as we grow as coaches, we are also called on to do an incredible amount of inner work. Our mission has thus evolved to be: “to support each other as humans and as friends!”

The accompanying content was developed to support this process and has served as inspiration. The hope is that this content may inspire other coaches to set up their own peer-support groups or that it may serve in some other fashion. It is not intended to be the last word on anything!