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Tom O'Leary’s mission is to help others think more deeply and make better decisions. The key to our thinking is our curiosity. The more we question the more possible answers we uncover. And yet, in a culture obsessed with efficiency and productivity, the paradox is that much energy and resources are wasted by a bias towards action over contemplation. If you are answering the wrong question, it doesn’t matter how ‘hard’ you work, you are still answering the wrong question. That is why Tom is a big advocate of nurturing curiosity and innovative thinking at all ages. Curiosity opens the door to greater possibility and also to discerning what is truly essential right now. That is the heart of his work, which ranges from coaching around particular issues and decisions (aka decision coaching) to a true thinking partnership encompassing all aspects of a client's mindset, behaviours and habits and even beyond to the environments they inhabit. Tom O'Leary: Thinking Partner. Nurturing Curiosity. Innovative Thinking. Decision Coaching. Decision Coach. Decision-making. Curiosity-inspired Leadership. Soft Skills. Leadership Development.
9 11, 2023

Favourite Quotes on Curiosity


Advocating for curiosity can be a challenge in a busy culture obsessed with answers. And yet, where do answers live? Answer: In the land of curiosity.It is therefore with great pleasure that I share some of my favourite quotes specifically on curiosity. It is clear that humanity has been thinking about [...]

Favourite Quotes on Curiosity2023-11-09T13:57:37+01:00
20 10, 2023

Is “Doing Nothing” a Good Use of Your Time?


I was recently asked this question and here is my response: Step back and ask: How can someone “do nothing”? That is to separate yourself from the breathing, thinking and general living. Is that nothing?Is that not you?Indeed, who then is the “You” that is doing this nothing? The key point [...]

Is “Doing Nothing” a Good Use of Your Time?2023-10-20T08:22:18+01:00
25 09, 2023

How Can I Be More Productive?


It is important to step back and ask: Why do I want to become more productive?What exactly do I want to accomplish? Always remember that there is a risk that we may become productive at tasks that truly don’t matter. Productivity therefore doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Before you consider becoming [...]

How Can I Be More Productive?2023-09-25T14:32:48+01:00
18 09, 2023

I Am Not Curious About Anything. How Can I Become More Curious?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: I would suggest that you are already more curious than you think. Otherwise, why ask this question? And becoming curious about how, where and when you are or aren't curious is a great place to start. Ask yourself: What [...]

I Am Not Curious About Anything. How Can I Become More Curious?2023-09-18T06:58:53+01:00
14 09, 2023

I Have Wasted Too Much Time. What Do I Do?


I was asked this question recently and here is my answer: If you feel you have wasted too much time, then you have wasted too much time. It is your choice. On the other hand, you could think: “How wonderful! Every minute I have spent on this planet has made me [...]

I Have Wasted Too Much Time. What Do I Do?2023-11-13T12:33:53+01:00
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