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Key messages:
– Productivity is about accomplishment so less CAN be more.
– Your priorities are ultimately what you do, NOT what you say.

Unfortunately, much of the discussion around time gets reduced to productivity hacks. Doing more in less time. And yet, productivity is simply a step on the journey to accomplishment, not an end of itself.

The first step is surely slowing down and asking:
“What do I want to accomplish and why?”

This material was thus created to support you as you step back and start exploring this and other questions about your relationship with time and doing. It is not intended to serve as the last word on anything. Instead, it offers more questions than answers.

Making The Process Easier

1. How do I See Time? How you choose to perceive time and your expectations for that time dramatically impacts how you experience life!
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2. More Perspectives on Time: This is a collection of posts that pose questions around busyness, slowing down, playfulness and much more!
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3. Time Resources: Rather than being a set of universal tools and hacks, making peace with time is a very personal journey. Whist the resources in here are tried and tested you need to find those tools that work for you. Set yourself up for success by building a solid base before you dive in with this 7-Minute Time Primer.

Scholars on time usage have identified three critical components:

  • i) Protecting Time: Time Principles are key to helping you think about time, productivity and establishing boundaries. They provide scaffolding that will help you stay secure regardless of the specific productivity hacks, apps or tips you use.
  • ii) Structuring Time: Time Systems sit between principles and hacks. Principles are the big rules you live by and hacks are those little ways we have of easing the daily grind. Systems are in between.
  • iii) Adapting Time: Adapting really refers to reflecting on how you allocate your time versus how you might do so. This is a collection of posts to inspire your thinking. Learn More >>>>

4. Inspiration from the Ages: Humans have been writing about time for thousands of years. Our thinking about it surely goes back to the dawn of our species. It can therefore be helpful to dip into such thinking as the cycles of life are eternal.
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