30 03, 2022

Is Your Morning Routine Serving Your Day?


My mother always used to say “Start as you mean to continue”. The wonderful gift we receive each morning is a blank canvas on which to paint our day. So, I’m curious, what are the first things you put on that canvas? In short, what is your morning routine? Some people start with their inbox, others with a favourite book and still others with a morning run! Some people don’t have any. There is clearly no one right routine but there probably are ways of better preparing for whatever a particular day has in store for us. My morning routine [...]

Is Your Morning Routine Serving Your Day?2022-11-09T12:07:11+00:00
25 11, 2021

Learn How Your Identities Impact Your Time


Reading Time: 3 minutes Key message:The simple truth is that how we use the time we're privileged to enjoy defines our lives. It goes much deeper than just collecting tick marks on to-do lists and goes to the heart of our relationship with time. We all play a host of roles in life (in my case father, husband, business owner, friend, neighbour, volunteer, coach, researcher.....) and each has its own complex relationship with time. Some are more about "doing" and allow for planning, productivity and efficiency. Time gets sliced and diced. Others are more about "being" and are based [...]

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11 08, 2021

Feel overwhelmed by busyness?


Reading Time: 2 minutes You're not alone! It is hard for any of us to fully escape the pervasive culture of busyness. I have been on that treadmill at some considerable personal cost. It doesn't have to be this way because busyness isn't a given. If we go back in time it was different. Think Violet Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey asking “What is a weekend?” Idle and Busy are just two points on a line. Neither is better than the other but they both carry different costs. The Dowager Countess was able to be idle because so many [...]

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22 07, 2021

Are you getting the right things done?


Reading Time: <1 minute We live in a busy world with constant interruption but a lot of the time we confuse busyness and productivity. Busyness is about getting lots done. Productivity is about getting the right things done. Working out what is right for each of us is obviously a journey. I came upon this old Guardian article on the Top five regrets of the dying, Worth reading if you haven't and worth re-reading even if you have. In any event, it seemed to me that the five top regrets can be used to help [...]

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27 04, 2021

We are what we practice!!


Reading Time: < 1 minute I just enjoyed a wonderful hour of #embodiment practice with Giulio Brunini and the Strozzi Institute. Deepest thanks. I've heard the idea of we are what we practice in multiple guises but Giulio's powerful session opened up the body to be more receptive to the ideas being imparted. Truly accepting the idea of what we repeat we embody has profound implications (for me at least). I'm currently sitting with "What did I practice today?" because that in essence is the manifestation of who I am today. More compassion for myself and others, more smiling, more [...]

We are what we practice!!2022-01-17T11:26:40+00:00
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