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Build Your Own Picture

Contemplation #1 What Do I Admire in Others?

  • Sometimes what we admire in others is what we don’t give ourselves permission to do or be.

Who then might I be stopping myself from being?

Contemplation #2 What Is On My To-Be List?

  • Almost everyone has a to-do list, but what about a to-be list?

Where is the space for being?

Contemplation #3 What Might I Do Better Today?

  • Knowing we can do better is not the same as doing better.

What step might I take today?

Contemplation #4 What Help Did I Walk Past Today?

  • In the whirlwind of daily life and its endless stream of tasks, it is easy to miss the moments when the world extends a helping hand.

What small acts of kindness or gestures of help were on offer?
How might I be more attentive to these moments?
How might I in turn offer more to others?

Contemplation #5 What Might I Be Making Too Hard?

  • We sometimes get caught up in the effort and lose sight of what it is we want to accomplish.
  • The “hard work” can then prevent us from noticing easier paths.
  • This reflection on hard work explores the theme in more depth!

Am I a hard worker?
What does this mean to me?

Contemplation #6 What Excited Me Most Today?

  • One of my mottos in life is: “Follow the energy.”
  • If something gives you energy, the invitation would be to bring more of it into your life.
  • Conversely, if something sucks energy from you (i.e. the opposite of excitement), ask yourself:

How might I remove this from my life?

Contemplation #7 What Am I Carrying After the Day That I Might Set Down?

  • The key to travelling light is putting down any unnecessary baggage from the past.
  • It can be helpful to find the physical language that speaks to you. For example, setting down / putting down / letting go of.
  • If you find you are still carrying any stresses, burdens, emotions after the day, ask yourself:

Will this help me tomorrow? If not, what might I do with it?

Contemplation #8 How Did I Make the World Too Small?

  • The idea of making the world too small is inspired by the poet David Whyte and yet the concept is eternal.
  • It is about the conversations we choose to have with ourselves and others and, equally importantly, the conversations we choose to avoid.

So, what conversations am I avoiding?
Where am I refusing to look?
How are I making my thinking too narrow?

Contemplation #9 Where Did I Find Rest Today?

  • Tiredness can take many forms, going well beyond mere physical tiredness and deep into our being.
  • This is tiredness “of living” more than “from living” and is caused by a failure to find deep rest and nourish our souls.
  • It is important to remember that, just like tiredness, rest too can take many forms.
  • At times, we can find rest in doing rather than not doing.
  • The question is more:

What type of rest do I most need?

Contemplation #10 What New Questions Did I Uncover Today?

  • New questions are an invitation to open doors to new realms of thought and experience.
  • They challenge us to expand our understanding of what is possible.

What might be possible today that wasn’t yesterday?

Contemplation #11 What Am I Ready to Learn?

  • We have all taken courses or read books we felt we “should”, rather than paying attention to what we are truly ready to learn right now.
  • This learning may take any form.
  • Rather than pushing through and not learning what we might, my invitation is to pay ever-closer attention to where your energy is taking you – to the questions that are percolating within.
  • Ask yourself:

What truly interests me today?

What is inviting me in?

What do I feel ready to approach?

Contemplation #12 Who Makes My Decisions for Me?

  • It is often not easy to identify why we take the paths we take in life, and indeed who exactly is making the decisions.
  • Social proof – relying on other people’s opinions and experiences to make a decision – is but one example of outsourcing our thinking to others.
  • The environments in which we live, work and shop also heavily condition our choices (choice architecture) so there too we need to question how much we are effectively letting others make our decisions for us.
  • Want to think about this some more?

Contemplation #13 What Am I Afraid Of?

  • Is this contemplation no. 13 by chance? Perhaps or perhaps not.
  • The simple fact is that we sometimes prevent ourselves from making the right decisions for ourselves because we are afraid of what might lie on the other side.
  • And yet, what is actually true?
  • Equally, have we considered the possible consequences of not making the decision?