The challenge is:

Can I contemplate one question for one minute?

  • Stop at the first question that speaks to you (use the side navigation arrows or skip the images to just contemplate the text further down).
  • Don’t rush it. Let it sink in like you would a Zen koan or a parable.
  • Let your thoughts flow.

Which Question Speaks to You?

Build Your Own Picture

Insight #1 What Do I Admire in Others?

  • Sometimes what we admire in others is what we don’t give ourselves permission to do or be.

Who then might I be stopping myself from being?

Insight #2 What Is On My To-Be List?

  • Almost everyone has a to-do list, but what about a to-be list?

Where is the space for being?

Insight #3 What Might I Do Better Today?

  • Knowing we can do better is not the same as doing better.

What step might I take today?

Insight #4 What Help Did I Walk Past Today?

  • In the whirlwind of daily life and its endless stream of tasks, it is easy to miss the moments when the world extends a helping hand.

What small acts of kindness or gestures of help were on offer?
How might I be more attentive to these moments?
How might I in turn offer more to others?

Insight #5 What Might I Be Making Too Hard?

  • We sometimes get caught up in the effort and lose sight of what it is we want to accomplish.
  • The “hard work” can then prevent us from noticing easier paths.
  • This reflection on hard work explores the theme in more depth!

Am I a hard worker?
What does this mean to me?

Insight #6 What Excited Me Most Today?

  • One of my mottos in life is: “Follow the energy.”
  • If something gives you energy, the invitation would be to bring more of it into your life.
  • Conversely, if something sucks energy from you (i.e. the opposite of excitement), ask yourself:

How might I remove this from my life?

Insight #7 What Am I Carrying After the Day That I Might Set Down?

  • The key to travelling light is putting down any unnecessary baggage from the past.
  • It can be helpful to find the physical language that speaks to you. For example, setting down / putting down / letting go of.
  • If you find you are still carrying any stresses, burdens, emotions after the day, ask yourself:

Will this help me tomorrow? If not, what might I do with it?

Insight #8 How Did I Make the World Too Small?

  • The idea of making the world too small is inspired by the poet David Whyte and yet the concept is eternal.
  • It is about the conversations we choose to have with ourselves and others and, equally importantly, the conversations we choose to avoid.

So, what conversations am I avoiding?
Where am I refusing to look?
How are I making my thinking too narrow?

Insight #9 Where Did I Find Rest Today?

  • Tiredness can take many forms, going well beyond mere physical tiredness and deep into our being.
  • This is tiredness “of living” more than “from living” and is caused by a failure to find deep rest and nourish our souls.
  • It is important to remember that, just like tiredness, rest too can take many forms.
  • At times, we can find rest in doing rather than not doing.
  • The question is more:

What type of rest do I most need?

Insight #10 What New Questions Did I Uncover Today?

  • New questions are an invitation to open doors to new realms of thought and experience.
  • They challenge us to expand our understanding of what is possible.

What might be possible today that wasn’t yesterday?

Insight #11 What Am I Ready to Learn?

  • We have all taken courses or read books we felt we “should”, rather than paying attention to what we are truly ready to learn right now.
  • This learning may take any form.
  • Rather than pushing through and not learning what we might, my invitation is to pay ever-closer attention to where your energy is taking you – to the questions that are percolating within.
  • Ask yourself:

What truly interests me today?

What is inviting me in?

What do I feel ready to approach?