What Theme is Calling You Today?

Building a Practice of Reflection

I often hear some form of “I don’t have time for reflection. I’m too busy getting things done”.

My question is always the same: “If you don’t pause to look up, how do you know you are going in the right direction?”

The intention with these reflections is to show that far from being a passive exercise, it can be a highly active process that allows us to identify the key next steps.

My invitation would be to carve out moments each week, and if possible each day, to reflect on what next steps might be calling you across your life!

NB: More reflections will be added throughout 2024 so please check back.

#1 How Might I Be Trying Too Hard?

  • We are conditioned to see ourselves almost like machines.
  • The goal is to push the machine as hard as possible.
  • We are told that this maximum power and effort will lead to better outcomes.

In truth, how much have you left to give?

#2 How Am I Tired?

  • Tiredness can take many forms, going well beyond mere physical tiredness and deep into our being.
  • This is tiredness “of living” more than “from living” and is caused by a failure to find deep rest and nourish our souls.
  • The question is more: Where might I find more rest?

    #3 How Do I Resist the World?

    • This theme of “How do I resist the world?” is eternal.
    • Some form of this occupied the thoughts of the Buddha and ultimately distilled in the idea of attachment.
    • Attachment is in essence wishing that the world and the things and people in it would remain unchanged.
    • It is rejecting the world as it is, its inherent impermanence and the inevitable emotional rollercoasters in store for us.
    • The question for each of us is: How might I accept the world as I sense it?

      #4 How Might I Deepen the Conversation?

      • Have you ever wondered what transforms a simple chat into a deep conversation?
      • It is an art that goes beyond mere words.
      • Indeed, deep conversation is an intricate dance of:
        • Deep connection;
        • Deep listening;
        • Courage;
        • Openness to possibility!