We don’t get much time, do we? What’s worse is that over our lives we tend to collect activities, people and things that call on our time. It is almost as if we are puppets being pulled in this and that direction by outside forces with little control over our time. This simply builds day after day, almost without us noticing until one morning we wake up living a life we had never intended. Sound familiar? If it does, go easy on yourself! This isn’t your fault. Society has taught us to get busy doing and not to worry so much about where we’re going. And yet, what if you were able to take back more of your time, organise yourself differently and in doing so create more moments (and memories) that matter? That way when you look back in a year, a decade or indeed at the end you can savour a life well-lived on your terms!

My name is Tom O’Leary and I’m The Moment Maverick. I’m passionate about helping busy business owners take control of their time and create more moments (and memories) that matter. If you are juggling work, family, other responsibilities and duties plus ‘me time’ and coming up short you may feel as if time is always against you. I’ve been there. It isn’t simply about prioritising, setting mini goals, becoming more productive, charging more, learning to say no or indeed just slowing down to create space to STOP (Sit, Think, Observe, Plan). We can get to all that. What is even more critical, however, is delving into your relationships with time and building aspirations of who you would like to become in each and every aspect of your life while also becoming aware of how your environments are affecting your time. That goes hand-in-hand with balancing your needs today with preparing for possible futures.

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