Beautiful Questions

Life can get busy! Busyness can then breed busyness to the point that we’re not sure why we’re doing what we’re doing or indeed who it is we have become. Very few people can fully answer these questions but the important thing is to keep asking the questions!

In fact, to keep me grounded, I ask myself a series of beautiful questions each and every morning. I don’t necessarily answer them all but I do ask them. These are five of my current questions:

  • What are my intentions for today?
  • What excites me most right now?
  • What help am I walking past?
  • How am I making the world too small?
  • What am I making too hard?

Finding Your Beautiful Questions

When we’re deep in the forest of busyness all we see are the trees around us. It offers us little sense of the bigger picture. It is natural that we find it hard to put everything into perspective, to distinguish the important from the urgent and to learn to ignore the unimportant.

And yet, seeing as you’re reading this, you no doubt sense it may be time to shift your work, personal life and family to a different track, to enjoy the moments life gives you along with the spoils of your hard work.

How can I help?

My name is Tom O’Leary and I am The Moment Maverick. I have been on the treadmill both on the corporate side and as an entrepreneur so I know what it is like. I also know what it is like to regain control over the treadmill. And that is why I am passionate about helping you focus on accomplishing what will truly make your life special and allow you to look back with pride!

My clients are busy. Take Mark* who, when we started working together, was doing 60+ hour weeks as a high-level manager and who had gone back in college to upskill. He wasn’t getting to the gym and his partner was complaining she wasn’t seeing him much. He had missed all sorts of family events and was grumbling that his kids were demanding. He even saw his limited leisure time as a means of bouncing back fresh at work. When we first spoke he almost wore his busyness as a badge of honour but could see it wasn’t sustainable. It was affecting relationships and was ultimately impacting the quality of his work. Something had to change. Know anyone like that?

You will know that it isn’t simply about prioritising, setting mini goals, becoming more productive, charging more if you’re in business for yourself, learning to say no or indeed just slowing down to create space to STOP (Sit, Think, Observe, Plan). They are all important but not enough.

What is even more critical is exploring the why before looking at the what. This involves delving into your relationship with time and exploring how you allocate the true scarce resources of energy and attention. This is in service of creating more joy and fulfilment and thereby accomplishing more of what you want.

Looking for some guidance on your journey? If so, try out this free guide. It is intended to help you move forward on your journey.
Start Your Own Time Journey

The best of luck on your journey!!

Take care

Tom O’Leary

P.S. If you are looking for more support to take much of the effort out of the process let’s have a chat – my gift to you!

P.P.S. Let’s be blunt: If you pass on this offer, in a month from today how will your current situation be different?

* Real name has been changed.

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