In one sentence: Analyse a start-up business back and front, top and bottom.


  • Create clarity for the start-up team regarding the business idea;
  • Voice and address any hard realities and challenges; and
  • Define best next steps.

This is the type of process I wish I had when I set up my first start-up. We had a great idea, a solid team but there were a host of pitfalls and blind spots that we really weren’t willing to stare down. This process looks to split out the inevitable emotions coursing through the veins of any start-up team from the facts and hard realities. Wishful thinking is an almost inevitable pitfall especially as team members are emotionally and financially invested in the business. It can be hard to be objective and address uncomfortable questions such as:

  • Is the business model solid?
  • Do we have the right team?
  • Are we implementing the model in the best way?
  • What are our blind spots?

So the invitation is to take the time to step off the treadmill and see what you might learn as you slow down and shift perspective.