If you have not yet read the Daily Practice introductory page, I would invite you to do so now. Remember, these insights and questions are solely intended to support your daily practice of nurturing your curiosity. I don’t believe in “right questions” or “better questions”, but I do believe that bigger questions can begin nourishing conversations with ourselves and others. Please think of those questions as conversation starters.

Please also resist the temptation to rush through them. Like any habit, curiosity is nurtured day by day. You are therefore much more likely to benefit by making this a daily practice than by sporadically rushing through multiple questions. If you are a leader, you will no doubt already know that continually nurturing curiosity in leadership is absolutely key.

Time Management & Productivity
  • Engage with thought-provoking questions that stimulate curiosity about productivity, efficiency and the dynamics of time in our lives.
  • Probe deeper, question more and reshape your understanding of time.
Reflection, Self-Awareness & Personal Growth
  • Stimulate your curiosity with questions that prompt deeper self-understanding, explore personal narratives and dissect your thoughts on a fulfilling future.
  • It is about engaging with the essence of who you are and who you aspire to be.
Communication & Relationships
  • Explore questions that cultivate effective communication, foster stronger relationships and enhance decision-making.
  • This journey encourages mindful interactions, intentional dialogue and inclusive decision-making.
  • The hope is that this will lead to more insightful choices and meaningful connections.
  • The first questions to ask when defining and redefining any problem are:
    • What is the stated problem?
    • What assumptions have to be true for this to be a problem?
    • How might we reframe it?
    • What aren’t we seeing?
  • Use the questions in this category to embark on a journey that sharpens your problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.
  • The emphasis is on seeing issues from fresh perspectives and gaining deeper insights.
Creativity & Innovation
  • Dive into questions that seek to unlock your creative and innovative potential.
  • This journey is about self-introspection, challenging norms, reimagining possibilities, questioning your beliefs and re-evaluating your relationship with yourself and the world.
  • The idea is to disrupt conventional thinking patterns, leading to novel ideas and innovative solutions.
Values, Beliefs & Mindsets
  • By challenging our stories and how we see the world, these questions offer a pathway towards understanding and potentially reshaping our worldview.