What Question is Calling You Today?

– #2 How Might We Listen to Our Future Selves?

  • As humans, we struggle to truly consider the needs of our future selves either individually or as a species.
  • In psychological terms, this is called a present bias, valuing current rewards over future ones.

– #4 To What Do I Not Pay Attention?

  • Attention is our life blood.
  • In truth, in any one moment, our attention misses infinitely more than it captures.
  • While we are constantly striving to manage our time efficiently, we often find ourselves easily surrendering our attention to trivial distractions like pings or notifications.
    • And yet, do we truly understand the price we are paying?

– #8 How Can I Balance Living Fully in the Present While Also Preparing for a Fulfilling Future?

  • It feels like there is always a tension between future “goals” and the desire to live life fully in the present.
  • We may die tomorrow and yet we may well live to a great age.
  • The one thing we know for sure is that we are alive now.
    • How might I think about this?

– #21 What Do I Expect?

  • What are your expectations for this article?
  • How does it help to build up a mental picture in advance?
  • Imagine not expecting anything!
  • In truth, the more you can free yourself from anything other than what is going on right now, the more powerful your response.

    – #32 How is Past Experience Affecting Me?

    • We may think the past is past and so is gone.
    • And yet, we are ultimately products of the past.
      • What are you carrying that you might set down?

    – #57 Why Do I Do What I Do?

    • We may not control when and where we are born or the circumstances in which we grow up and yet we are nevertheless the architects of our lives.
    • Indeed, the assumptions we choose to live by define what we do.
    • They make us who we are and who we aren’t.
    • And we get to choose them.
      • So, who have you decided you aren’t?

    – #78 How Do I Decide to Cut My Losses?

    • Sunk costs, including time, money and resources already spent, can heavily skew present and future decision-making, causing us to cling to the past.
    • Whether it is staying in a movie we don’t enjoy or persisting with a failing project, the sunk cost fallacy can lead to misguided decisions.
      • So, when and how do you decide to cut your losses?

    – #80 Where Is the Space in My Life?

    • The value of empty space—the gaps, the silences, the absences—that can shape our world is a concept as ancient as civilization itself.
    • Indeed, Lao Tzu argued that the usefulness of a vessel lay not so much in the clay surround but in the empty space in which something can be carried.
    • While the Japanese language has a term for this concept—”ma”—its equivalent seems to be curiously absent from Western thought and vocabulary.

    – #84 What is Good Enough?

    • Perfect is often the enemy of good.
      • And yet, how do you decide what is good enough?
      • What mistakes are unacceptable?
      • What can be left undone?
      • Simplified? Streamlined?

    – #93 What Help Am I Walking Past?

    • This is a question that goes deep for me.
    • As an only child, I was raised to be self-reliant.
    • My reflex for much of my life was to go it alone.
    • And yet, I have learned, we are never truly alone.
    • Help is just a question away.
      • What help have you been ignoring?

    – #97 Do I Learn More from Questions or Answers?

    • From a young age, we are taught by our educational systems that questions serve merely as vehicles to uncover answers.
    • Moreover, we often cease to question once we stumble upon a seemingly rational answer.
      • But what if the very act of questioning holds inherent value, regardless of the answers it yields?

    – #100 How Do I Experience the World?

    • We tend to assume that the world is as we experience it.
    • In truth, everything we see and hear is an experience created by our senses.
    • These senses are primed to keep us safe and allow us to satisfy basic needs.
    • As a result, they tend to focus more on sights, sounds and smells that will help with this. They are not designed for accuracy.
      • Ever see faces where there weren’t any?
      • Have you noticed how a smell fades after a few minutes?
      • What about familiar sounds such as church bells? Have you noticed how they get tuned out?

    – #102 How Should the World Look?

    • Each of us creates the world in our heads.
    • And yet, we don’t start from scratch each time.
    • We follow rules we have built up over our lives.
    • These rules are laid down from early childhood and govern how we think the world operates and “should” behave.
      • And yet, what if we had been born in a different time and culture?
      • What might the world look like then?

    – #106 How Am I Hiding?

    • This question stopped me in my tracks when it first came to me.
    • The reality is that most of us are hiding in some way from something past, present or future.
      • How are you hiding?
      • And, equally importantly, where in your life are you hiding?

    – #109 What Beautiful Questions Am I Asking?

    • In the hustle of daily life, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.
    • ‘Beautiful questions’ serve as anchors, encouraging us to stop and reflect.
    • In a way, all of the questions on this page might be beautiful questions, provided they speak to you. And that is what sets beautiful questions apart.
    • They are questions that deeply connect with you, with precisely where you are and what you need right now.
    • They help you cross the thresholds that are in front of you.

    – #118 What Thoughts Do I Never Have?

    • Ever find yourself thinking the same thoughts?
    • Wish you could truly think something new and exciting?
      • Discover the importance of questioning our ingrained patterns and assumptions and explore how inspiration for fresh thinking can be found in the most unexpected places.

      – #212 Where Is My Sanctuary?

      • Our culture has a bias towards doing.
      • And yet, we all need somewhere where we can tune out distractions and interruptions and just be.
      • This is time to meditate, to reflect on where you are going, to nourish your soul or simply to be.
        • Where is your sanctuary?
        • What does it offer you?
        • How do you protect it?
        • How can you expand it?

      – #296 What Question Is Important for Me?

      • Pretty much everything we do is answering one of life’s bigger questions.
        • How do I put food on the table?
        • How can I find shelter?
        • How can I protect my family?
        • For religious Christians, how can I get into heaven?
      • These are probably on most people’s minds in some form.
      • And yet, it goes well beyond these into those questions of which we are scarcely aware.
        • How do I increase my status?
        • How might I wield more power?
        • Or indeed, what is my legacy?
      • Regardless of the question, we all have such bigger questions that drive what we do each and every day. What are yours?

      – #311 What Have I Changed My Mind About?

      • Ever hear the quote often attributed to John Maynard Keynes:

      “When the facts change, I change my mind”.

      • What about you?
      • What do you do?

      – #326 What Do I Need to Thrive Today?

      • What does thriving mean to you?
      • Do you feel you are thriving?
      • If not, what might be missing in this moment?