We all learn habits and behaviours that may have served us once but are no longer helpful.

Marshall Goldsmith calls this “What got you here won’t get you there”. There comes a time to let go and so to speak “unlearn”. It is thus not about learning new skills but more about what may be getting in the way.

Q: What might I unlearn?

What Am I Trying to Unlearn?

Tom’s Reflections on This Question

This is a core question for anyone on a path to mastery in any field. If you have come this far in the programme, you are likely on such a path.

And yet, as we take each step we change and the path changes. What it is asking of us is no longer what it was asking of us yesterday or last year.

To have the strength and freedom to uncover new horizons we have little choice but to be open to letting go of mindsets, beliefs and habits we hold most dear. We may feel they are part of our very essence – our identity. They may in truth have been instrumental in getting us where we are but may paradoxically stop us going any further.

This is a relentless process of undoing and unlearning that few amongst us prove willing to undertake.

What are you being called upon to let go of in order to take the next step?

Programme Overview

The Curious Leaders programme is designed to foster a deep sense of curiosity about who you are as a person and as a leader. It challenges you to reflect on what you can do each day to become a more effective leader. The premise is that before we can truly lead others, we first need to lead ourselves.

It thus ultimately starts with self-leadership. This is about building a practice of reflection and action whereby we become increasingly curious about how our thinking is impacting our actions. This is the first step in building a world in which curiosity shapes leadership.

In this world, leaders aren’t boxed in by traditional thinking or established playbooks. They are open to fresh ideas and diverse perspectives, fostering a culture of exploration and learning. In truth, nurturing curiosity in leadership is essential if we are to address the key challenges of the 21st century.

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