2 09, 2021

Favourite quotes about time, busyness, speed and slowing down


Reading Time: 3 minutes Here are some of my favourite quotes that have helped me reflect on my relationship with time, busyness, speed, slowing down and much more. "What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important" — Dwight Eisenhower “To commit oneself to too many projects, to want to help everyone in everything, is to succumb to the violence of modern times.” — Thomas Merton “Rushing around can be a pointless diversion from actually living your life” — Claire Messud “When things happen too fast, nobody can be certain about anything, about anything at all, [...]

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24 06, 2021

Why I work with people to slow down and uncover greater impact, joy and purpose


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve been on that treadmill. It started right out of college when I took a job as a Project Manager. Managing large teams for multinational clients across a host of time zones meant being in early and leaving late. Weekdays were intense. I was so exhausted by Friday that the weekend was basically to recover for the next week. Then I got promoted and took on more responsibility and other people’s pressures. Weekends got that bit shorter. After a number of years I realised that this wasn’t for me but I really didn’t have anyone [...]

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23 06, 2021

What is in this for me?


Reading Time: 2 minutes We live in a fast-paced world with a growing culture of interruption. With a mountain of work at hand and distractions intruding, it can be hard to carve out time to reflect and think new and different thoughts. How then can we know if we’re on the right track? That the work we’re doing is creating the most value? That the business will still be vibrant in 5 years? One answer is to carve out time to slow down and start exploring what might create the most impact, purpose and joy. I have a Masters [...]

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29 09, 2020

When do you get to slow down?


Reading Time: < 1 minute My first job upon graduation was as a project manager. Not only did I have to organise my own work but I was responsible for organising the work of a large number of other teams. One of my first investments was in a Time Management book that was full of little tips and tricks for being more efficient. Time was sliced, diced and saved but I certainly “got more done”. In that role, I scheduled every minute of every working day. At the time I saw no other option. I’m not saying there isn’t value [...]

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