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My first job upon graduation was as a project manager. Not only did I have to organise my own work but I was responsible for organising the work of a large number of other teams. One of my first investments was in a Time Management book that was full of little tips and tricks for being more efficient. Time was sliced, diced and saved but I certainly “got more done”. In that role, I scheduled every minute of every working day. At the time I saw no other option. I’m not saying there isn’t value in this. There certainly is and I use many of the same techniques to this day.

I have learnt, however, that there are also benefits for forgetting about the clock and just being in the moment. This allows life to slow down, for conversations to meander and for silence to be welcomed. This is often where real fun and creativity are hidden. The paradox is that we are so busy we sometimes have to schedule such moments.

So, how often do you allow yourself to slow down? What do you notice when you do?