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30 06, 2023

The Cult of Certainty


What are you certain of? In work and at play I am encountering ever more certainty. Opinions are becoming facts. This feels strange in a world that is experiencing such rapid change. In practice, certainty represents the death of questions. No questioning means no creativity and innovation. Indeed, purely from [...]

The Cult of Certainty2023-07-06T07:08:40+01:00
12 04, 2023

Is Perfection an Illusion?


Reading time: <2 minutes As I was out walking this morning, it struck me that in a sense perfection is in the eye of the beholder. For a perfectionist (or recovering perfectionist like myself) this may be difficult to grasp as perception can be embodied and we feel it in our [...]

Is Perfection an Illusion?2024-04-08T18:36:03+01:00
10 03, 2021

So What Really Is Coaching?


Reading Time: 2 minutes One point that has come repeatedly in my recent research is that people going for coaching really don't know what to expect at so many levels. There is uncertainty around what stories they can tell (can I really say that?), how much of their real selves [...]

So What Really Is Coaching?2023-08-15T10:54:43+01:00
21 08, 2020

Slowing Down to Speed Up!!


Reading Time: < 1 minute This pandemic is likely to be a watershed in many respects. There is a real sense of a before and an after, of nothing ever being quite the same. Obviously, only time will tell if that is true. Amidst all the noise, the one thing [...]

Slowing Down to Speed Up!!2023-04-06T10:14:05+01:00
26 05, 2020

Ask Yourself “What Is My Intention?”


Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently had a coaching session where I shared the concept of Intention with the coachee. Intention is a fundamental concept in Mindfulness but is also something that we can apply to pretty much everything in life. Each day, I write down my general intentions for [...]

Ask Yourself “What Is My Intention?”2024-01-16T08:58:51+01:00
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