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One point that has come repeatedly in my recent research is that people going for coaching really don’t know what to expect at so many levels. There is uncertainty around what stories they can tell (can I really say that?), how much of their real selves can they reveal (won’t they judge me?) or what emotions they can show (if I say that I might cry….).

For me:

– No issues are off the table

– All emotions are permitted

– Coaching is wholly non-judgemental

– You can feel free to take off the armour and just be.

It may be that, depending on the issue you raise, the coach might suggest you bring in other professionals where the coach doesn’t have the skills or expertise to help you. If the coaching simply empowers you to seek additional help, that too is success.

I know from personal experience that coaching can range from being helpful in terms of reflecting on a particular issue to truly life-changing when considering bigger picture decisions.