15 09, 2021

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching? [Long Read]


Reading Time: 10 minutes Introduction In popular parlance, mindfulness is often reduced to a buzzword far removed from its Buddhist roots. Mindfulness-based techniques can be used as a quick fix for overworked employees to paper over cracks rather than explore underlying issues in what critics call McMindfulness (Purser & Loy, 2013). To achieve transformational coaching, however, it is arguably necessary to go beyond such quick fixes and for coaches to consider incorporating mindfulness training into daily routines as part of a journey of self-exploration as individuals and as coaches. As Kabat-Zinn succinctly observed, mindfulness is “simply about being yourself and [...]

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching? [Long Read]2022-01-17T10:37:14+00:00
10 03, 2021

So what really is coaching?


Reading Time: 2 minutes One point that has come repeatedly in my recent research is that people going for coaching really don't know what to expect at so many levels. There is uncertainty around what stories they can tell (can I really say that?), how much of their real selves can they reveal (won't they judge me?) or what emotions they can show (if I say that I might cry....). For me: - No issues are off the table - All emotions are permitted - Coaching is wholly non-judgemental - You can feel free to take off the armour [...]

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23 11, 2020

Taking Play Seriously in Coaching


Reading Time: < 1 minute I'm currently researching play in coaching as part of a Master's programme and have been surrounding myself with the work of some amazing play theorists and researchers. I've been blown away by how much work on play has been done over the past decades showing the wide range benefits of play and yet many of the organisations I’ve encountered over my life have failed to harness the benefits. The same is arguably true of the coaching profession despite some great research over the past number of years. Anyway, I just thought that I would share [...]

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14 09, 2020

Climate Coaching Alliance


Reading Time: < 1 minute I've been sitting on the climate fence for too long! I've been watching endless storms, droughts and fires from afar. I now realise I have to come down and start making a real difference. Like most of us, I make environmentally-friendly decisions when pulling out my wallet but the real change now has to come at a systemic level. So this week I made a series of changes, one of which was joining the Climate Coaching Alliance. As coaches, we are fortunate to work with and have access to decision-makers who can make the difference [...]

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7 08, 2020

How much do you need in common with your coach?


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve been really lucky to be in some amazing global coaching and learning circles over the past number of months. What it has really brought home to me is the power of being coached by someone who knows little to nothing about either my culture or my past work or life experience. They just sit with me as I am now and listen to what I put on the table. I actually find it somewhat liberating not to be stuck in my cultural certainties and just to focus on where I am now in life. It [...]

How much do you need in common with your coach?2022-01-17T11:23:08+00:00
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