15 09, 2021

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching?


Reading Time: 10 minutes Introduction In popular parlance, mindfulness is often reduced to a buzzword far removed from its Buddhist roots. Mindfulness-based techniques can be used as a quick fix for overworked employees to paper over cracks rather than explore underlying issues in what critics call McMindfulness (Purser & Loy, [...]

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching?2023-04-06T09:38:20+01:00
10 03, 2021

So What Really Is Coaching?


Reading Time: 2 minutes One point that has come repeatedly in my recent research is that people going for coaching really don't know what to expect at so many levels. There is uncertainty around what stories they can tell (can I really say that?), how much of their real selves [...]

So What Really Is Coaching?2023-08-15T10:54:43+01:00
26 01, 2021

Are Goals Simply Homework for Your Future Self?


Reading Time: 2 minutes I’ve had clients who came to me with hundreds of “goals” spread across countless wish lists. The lists kept growing as new goals outpaced achievement. While a powerful motivator for many, goals can become a statement that you are currently in some way incomplete and will [...]

Are Goals Simply Homework for Your Future Self?2023-04-06T10:04:05+01:00
23 11, 2020

Taking Play Seriously in Coaching


Reading Time: < 1 minute I'm currently researching play in coaching as part of a Master's programme and have been surrounding myself with the work of some amazing play theorists and researchers. I've been blown away by how much work on play has been done over the past decades showing [...]

Taking Play Seriously in Coaching2023-04-06T10:21:00+01:00
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