I just got asked this question for the umpteenth time and never get tired of answering it. Here was today’s answer:

I empower leaders to prioritise the essential.

It all starts with a crystal clear vision of where it is you want to go. So clear that you can readily sense what it will feel like when you get there and how you will know you have succeeded. In essence, being able to answer How do I know I have won?

Once that is clear – and this isn’t just about a vision for one part of your life – that is where people often get tripped up – nothing happens in isolation, so it is key to have a sense of how all the pieces of your world fit together – and where the boundaries are between them.

Once that has been nailed down it is then about working back to this year, this month and to today and asking yourself What can I do that will make have the most impact?

In simple terms What’s Important Now (in the context of the vision)?

It is about building routines and processes that help ensure that each and every day you are taking steps in the direction in which you want to go!

So – when you pare it all back, what does success look like for you?

Tom O'Leary: I empower leaders to thrive as they shape a brighter future