We become more conscious of the dark to make room for the authentic light. First, we need to sit in the dark – become comfortable in the dark – and then slowly light candles to see what is being hidden.

“Carry a candle in the dark, be a candle in the dark, know that you’re a flame in the dark.” – Ivan Illich

Invitation to discuss. What does this bring up for me?

Where Am I Being Asked to Wake Up?

Tom’s Reflection on This Question

I had a wonderful conversation last evening with my own peer supervision group around presence and awareness in the context of how we distance ourselves from what is happening right in front of us. This can happen in many ways but for the purposes of this question the piece around our own cognitive processes feels relevant. In short, how we interpret the world colours how we respond.

When you strip it back, we simply are in the world. Our senses gather information on what is happening around us. Our bodies take this information and process it. Cognition kicks it as we unconsciously and consciously analyse it. What we notice is thus a more or less accurate abstraction as opposed to what is actually out there.

My edge is thus waking up to how my mental processing is skewing what my senses are noticing. This can happen in so many ways and includes ignoring certain information, misinterpreting what is observed, judging it, classifying it, making analogies, viewing it in the context of my life history……

How then can I get out of the way of the experience?

Programme Overview

I have the privilege of being part of an amazing peer-support group that meets every two weeks with one purpose: “to support our development as coaches!”

And yet, as we grow as coaches, we are also called on to do an incredible amount of inner work. Our mission has thus evolved to be: “to support each other as humans and as friends!”

The accompanying content was developed to support this process and has served as inspiration. The hope is that this content may inspire other coaches to set up their own peer-support groups or that it may serve in some other fashion. It is not intended to be the last word on anything!

How Might Tom Be of Service?

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