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30 06, 2023

Every System Is Perfectly Designed to Get the Results It Gets


Long story but let's just say that I am reminded today of William Edwards Deming's statement that "Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets". Every time I meet what to me feels like senseless bureaucracy, I am reminded that the system is in fact working perfectly, just [...]

Every System Is Perfectly Designed to Get the Results It Gets2023-11-08T09:11:22+01:00
6 06, 2023

Why Am I Asking This Question?


I have recently had the privilege of attending a number of inspiring conferences. These experiences left me brimming with a host of fresh ideas and deep insights but also a little concern. That concern relates to how we, as humans, ask questions. How a question is framed and worded inevitably conditions [...]

Why Am I Asking This Question?2023-06-30T07:57:07+01:00
30 06, 2022

What Question Am I Not Asking?


Reading time: <1 minute There are obviously an infinite number of answers to this question, which in itself is wonderful because you will likely get something different each time you ask it. Each morning I ask myself a series of questions as I visualise my day. The list does change [...]

What Question Am I Not Asking?2023-04-14T14:13:17+01:00
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