Life can get busy! Busyness can then breed busyness to the point that we’re not sure why we’re doing what we’re doing or indeed who it is we have become. Very few people can fully answer these questions but the important thing is to keep asking the questions!

In fact, to keep me grounded, I ask myself a series of beautiful questions each and every morning. I don’t necessarily answer them all but I do ask them. These are a number of my current questions:

  • Remember I died yesterday. How do I want to live the first day of my rebirth?
  • Where might I find more moments of rest?
  • What significant decision can I make today to shape my legacy?
  • What small change might I try today?
  • What can I do less of today?
  • What can I do better today (1%+ improvement)

These are my questions.

What questions are calling you?