8 11, 2021

How Do I See Time?


Reading Time: 6 minutes Key messages: - We all build mental models of how time 'works'.- These models are key to how we live our lives and experience the world! We don't often talk about how we see time. It is sort of assumed that we all see it in the same way like the sun and the stars. And yet time cannot be directly observed by our senses. We have to construct it from what is going on inside and outside us. This sense of time, called subjective time or psychological time, is not only impacted by what we're [...]

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8 10, 2021

Inspiration from the Ages


Reading Time: 3 minutes Time has long tormented humans and by extension our poets and thinkers (particularly as they aged). These passages, chosen from across the ages, are ones that have touched me. They deal with eternal themes regarding the "passage of time", uncertainty around the "future", the futility of time and in particular its ravages. Shakespeare, Sonnet 19 This ravaging of and by time is palatable in Shakespeare's work. In this Sonnet, the poet even personifies time, painting it as the great monster that has no favourites and devours all before it. This is of the Father Time tradition [...]

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24 08, 2020



Reading Time: < 1 minute I had a call this morning and right afterwards there were some work-related pieces I had to get to but my body kept telling me 'you need to stop and sit for a moment'. When I did, one word came up almost instantly and that was 'timeless', which I am liberally interpreting in many ways. There is the clear sense that the conversation just flowed so in a way transcended time but I feel it goes deeper. I had a specific encounter recently where at the end of a beautiful conversation the other person thanked [...]

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