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I had a call this morning and right afterwards there were some work-related pieces I had to get to but my body kept telling me ‘you need to stop and sit for a moment’. When I did, one word came up almost instantly and that was ‘timeless’, which I am liberally interpreting in many ways. There is the clear sense that the conversation just flowed so in a way transcended time but I feel it goes deeper. I had a specific encounter recently where at the end of a beautiful conversation the other person thanked me so much for my time. It stopped me in my tracks as it always does when clients do the same. I immediately saw an image of my gran and grandad in their kitchen surrounded by visitors. Nobody would ever have thanked them for their time. The thought (had it been verbalised) would more have been about the time shared, the stories told and re-told, the relationships built, the people remembered. It was utterly timeless. The dead, living (both present and not) floated in and out of the conversation. Time was in the background, merely punctuating the experience (tea, dinner…) but was never empowered to kill it.

Most lives have become so incredibly over-scheduled – what seems to me to be very much a modern construct. I find it hard to imagine many indigenous cultures (including the traditional Irish culture I glimpsed when I was young) giving Time such importance. The question is, should we?