Time Shifting

30 05, 2023

What Should Businesses Do About AI?


My thinking is that in terms of commercial implications it is, to paraphrase Mr. Bezos, Day 1 and it is still early. For that reason, it is about staying informed, staying curious and not getting locked into any one narrative. It is also perhaps about playing with timeframes. On Twitter time, [...]

What Should Businesses Do About AI?2023-05-30T10:53:34+01:00
1 11, 2021

What Does Your Map of Life Look Like?


Reading Time: 2 minutes The map of life used to be simple: work to 65 and then retire to indulge in pastimes as a reward for a life of productive work. This was born in a world of factories and heavy physical work more suited to the young. That is [...]

What Does Your Map of Life Look Like?2023-04-06T09:45:43+01:00
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