27 07, 2022

Do You Learn More From Questions or Answers?


From a young age our educational systems teach us that questions are merely devices for uncovering answers. Once a question has been answered it is of no further use. The title may be a little provocative but in a world with an inherent bias for answers it is worth asking: Why are answers more important? Personally, I increasingly find that there is a freedom in just living with questions without necessarily seeking answers. I first started thinking about this when I asked my young son “Which are more important: Questions or answers?”. He thought for a moment and confidently told [...]

Do You Learn More From Questions or Answers?2022-11-17T10:58:40+00:00
30 06, 2022

What Question Am I Not Asking?


There are obviously an infinite number of answers to this question, which in itself is wonderful because you will likely get something different each time you ask it. Each morning I ask myself a series of questions as I visualise my day. The list does change but it is more or less static and this morning it hit me that there may be questions I am avoiding. For me possibility lies not in seeking answers but in learning to ask better questions. So the invitation is to ask yourself: What question am I not asking? How might I ask [...]

What Question Am I Not Asking?2022-11-17T10:58:54+00:00
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