5 04, 2022

Ever Told You Are a Procrastinator?


Reading time: 2 minutes You’re not alone. Pretty much everyone procrastinates in some way and up to 20% of the adult population are deemed chronic sufferers. There is no doubt that there can be real world consequences if you consistently miss deadlines at work or in life. Business can be lost and fines levied. And yet, if we’re honest, many deadlines are wholly arbitrary, particularly the ones we set ourselves. What’s more, how does labelling people with a problem or telling them they are wasting their lives help? Might there not be less aggressive means of framing what in essence [...]

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30 03, 2022

Is Your Morning Routine Serving Your Day?


My mother always used to say “Start as you mean to continue”. The wonderful gift we receive each morning is a blank canvas on which to paint our day. So, I’m curious, what are the first things you put on that canvas? In short, what is your morning routine? Some people start with their inbox, others with a favourite book and still others with a morning run! Some people don’t have any. There is clearly no one right routine but there probably are ways of better preparing for whatever a particular day has in store for us. My morning routine [...]

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14 01, 2022

Find a Time System That Works For You


Reading Time: 7 minutes Key messages:- Principles are the big rules you live by and hacks are those little ways we have of easing the daily grind. Systems are in between. - A good system should primarily allow you to distinguish between urgent and important and work towards those key accomplishments that will make a difference to you! Put simply, time systems allow us to structure our day such that we get to accomplish what we want and don’t get lost in long to do lists and other people's priorities. This post covers a number of systems I have [...]

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11 01, 2022

Feel Stuck in a Time Management Loop?


Reading Time: 8 minutes Key messages:- Having strong time principles allows you to protect your time and energy from other people's priorities. - Whatever your principles, stick to them! Time management seems to offer a path to ever-increasing productivity and yet is highly limited in what it can deliver. Indeed, for many, it often increases stress rather than bringing a sense of calm and control. The fact is that there are still only a given number of hours in a day. Deduct sleep and the time you need for daily life and responsibilities and most people only have a comparatively [...]

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10 11, 2021

7-Minute Time Primer!


Key messages:- You are unique! Just because some productivity system works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you today! - Accomplishment beats busyness! There has been an avalanche of productivity books and content over the past decade. Indeed, the last time I checked Amazon had over 10,000 books on Time Management. They pretty much all claim to provide the answers but in truth many are just a rehash of earlier ideas. This post simply looks to consolidate some of the books and content that I have found helpful or seen others benefit from. If you're reading [...]

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