6 06, 2023

Does Remote Working Have to Be a Serious Option?


To my mind remote working is about more than just geographic location. It isn't simply a professional office at home. That risks losing many of the amazing benefits of remote working, which includes matching the working space to the task. I have been remote working for over 25 years so [...]

Does Remote Working Have to Be a Serious Option?2024-04-08T18:31:38+01:00
5 03, 2021

The Power of Play


Reading Time: 2 minutes A couple of times in the past weeks I’ve been asked variants of “So, what’s all this play stuff about? Why is it play so important and how can it help adults?” It isn’t complicated. Study after study over the past decades has shown [...]

The Power of Play2024-04-08T16:58:37+01:00
13 01, 2021

Nourishing our Playfulness


Reading Time: < 1 minute As many of you know I’m currently researching play in coaching but my passion for play goes well beyond this. I’m also really curious how adults nourish their playfulness. It is so easy to drift out of play as an adult and increasingly shut it [...]

Nourishing our Playfulness2023-04-06T10:07:12+01:00
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