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A couple of times in the past weeks I’ve been asked variants of “So, what’s all this play stuff about? Why is it play so important and how can it help adults?”

It isn’t complicated. Study after study over the past decades has shown links between a whole host of benefits from increased creativity to general all-round better health. And yet we still limit the amount of play we allow into our lives. Work is still primarily seen as serious business where play isn’t appropriate and people hold back out of fear of being seen as frivolous or unserious. Or simply don’t give themselves permission to be playful. But can’t play reduce stress? Yes it can. The less stress, the more people can tap into their innate creativity and develop innovative solutions.

Look, don’t take my word for it! Just start playing….. Feel the power for yourself

If you’re a non or unbeliever, just google “science of play adults” and pick a source you trust and more importantly just imagine your workplace being a little more playful. How might that feel?


Plato and Play