15 09, 2021

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching? [Long Read]


Reading Time: 10 minutes Introduction In popular parlance, mindfulness is often reduced to a buzzword far removed from its Buddhist roots. Mindfulness-based techniques can be used as a quick fix for overworked employees to paper over cracks rather than explore underlying issues in what critics call McMindfulness (Purser & Loy, 2013). To achieve transformational coaching, however, it is arguably necessary to go beyond such quick fixes and for coaches to consider incorporating mindfulness training into daily routines as part of a journey of self-exploration as individuals and as coaches. As Kabat-Zinn succinctly observed, mindfulness is “simply about being yourself and [...]

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching? [Long Read]2022-01-17T10:37:14+00:00
20 05, 2021

Where is your safe space?


Reading Time: < 1 minute Living on an island at the edge of the Atlantic means getting on with things no matter what the weather. Staying inside is not the healthy option. At the same time it makes sense to have some safe spaces where you can go when things get wild. This is one of mine. It got me thinking more broadly about safe spaces we can go to not only when the outside weather is wild but also when we're feeling that bit overwhelmed and need space to centre ourselves. Where is that safe space [...]

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2 02, 2021

First Flower of Spring


Reading Time: < 1 minute Just having a crazy fun chat with my daughter when we noticed the newest addition to the family. First flower of the season in our garden - officially spring here at 52° North. And then the photo led to an exploration of the colours and what particularly drew my attention were the water droplets resting inside. Just imagine, what must it be like to be one of those water droplets? Just taking a minute out before the next mission.  

First Flower of Spring2022-01-17T11:18:07+00:00
26 05, 2020

Ask yourself “What is my intention?”


Reading Time: < 1 minute I recently had a coaching session where I shared the concept of Intention with the coachee. Intention is a fundamental concept in Mindfulness but is also something that we can apply to pretty much everything in life. Each day, I write down my general intentions for the day. They differ from goals in that intentions are about the direction of travel whereas goals are a destination. They keep me honest during the day and allow me to ask myself “What is my intention here?” - in essence “Why am I doing this?” However, after the [...]

Ask yourself “What is my intention?”2022-01-17T11:24:55+00:00
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