22 03, 2022

Can Time be Lost?


The question of “Can time be lost?” came up recently in conversation. The feeling was that once you lose control over how you “spend” your time it is in essence lost. The examples given were being stuck in traffic or kept waiting for an appointment. Clearly very few of us would [...]

Can Time be Lost?2024-04-08T17:29:24+01:00
15 09, 2021

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching?


Reading Time: 10 minutes Introduction In popular parlance, mindfulness is often reduced to a buzzword far removed from its Buddhist roots. Mindfulness-based techniques can be used as a quick fix for overworked employees to paper over cracks rather than explore underlying issues in what critics call McMindfulness (Purser & Loy, [...]

Is There a Place for Mindfulness in Coaching?2023-04-06T09:38:20+01:00
20 05, 2021

Where Is Your Safe Space?


Reading Time: < 1 minute Living on an island at the edge of the Atlantic means getting on with things no matter what the weather. Staying inside is not the healthy option. At the same time it makes sense to have some safe spaces where you can go [...]

Where Is Your Safe Space?2023-04-06T09:59:03+01:00
2 02, 2021

First Flower of Spring


Reading Time: < 1 minute Just having a crazy fun chat with my daughter when we noticed the newest addition to the family. First flower of the season in our garden - officially spring here at 52° North. And then the photo led to an exploration of the [...]

First Flower of Spring2023-04-06T10:02:08+01:00
29 09, 2020

When Do You Get to Slow Down?


Reading Time: < 1 minute My first job upon graduation was as a project manager. Not only did I have to organise my own work but I was responsible for organising the work of a large number of other teams. One of my first investments was in a Time Management [...]

When Do You Get to Slow Down?2023-04-14T13:18:54+01:00
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