7 08, 2020

How Far Can We Push the Coaching Experience?


Reading Time: 2 minutes As a coach, one of the silver linings of the current crisis is how quickly most people have adapted to the new realities. In the coaching sphere my sense it has been even more dramatic. Even before Covid, coaching was increasingly moving online for a whole [...]

How Far Can We Push the Coaching Experience?2023-04-06T10:16:32+01:00
26 05, 2020

Learning to Listen!


Reading Time: < 1 minute Have you ever been in a conversation where you can’t wait for the speaker to finish so you can have your say? At times, it feels like a story-swapping contest. “You think that was bad? Wait till you hear my story.” Story swapping can be [...]

Learning to Listen!2023-04-06T10:21:33+01:00
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