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As a coach, one of the silver linings of the current crisis is how quickly most people have adapted to the new realities. In the coaching sphere my sense it has been even more dramatic. Even before Covid, coaching was increasingly moving online for a whole host of reasons (more time efficient, flexible, lower carbon footprint) and yet so many professional coaches resisted. Don’t get me wrong, there is something special about in-person meets as more of the senses are engaged but I have sensed nothing in online or even phone coaching that creates a block to wonderful coaching outcomes.

In a way, all the coaching takes place in the client’s head and the coach is in a way a mirror into themselves. This mirror can work in any medium. Indeed, I have recently started coaching by email. I love email and have been using it to have wonderful conversations for close on 25 years. It just struck me that there was no reason the coaching mirror couldn’t be extended beyond direct human interaction to the “written word”. In a sense, it would be fun to explore whether it could be extended even further to other forms of human expression.