12 07, 2023

How Seriously Do We Take Our Decisions?


There are clearly times when we need to make the right decision first time out. Tiger runs at you. Scampering up the tree seems like a good enough decision! If you make the wrong decision, chances are you won’t get a second chance. There is understandably a lot of pressure and [...]

How Seriously Do We Take Our Decisions?2024-04-08T18:28:41+01:00
30 06, 2023

The Cult of Certainty


What are you certain of? In work and at play I am encountering ever more certainty. Opinions are becoming facts. This feels strange in a world that is experiencing such rapid change. In practice, certainty represents the death of questions. No questioning means no creativity and innovation. Indeed, purely from [...]

The Cult of Certainty2023-07-06T07:08:40+01:00
27 07, 2022

Do You Learn More From Questions or Answers?


Reading time: 1 minute From a young age our educational systems teach us that questions are merely devices for uncovering answers. Once a question has been answered it is of no further use. The title may be a little provocative but in a world with an inherent bias for answers [...]

Do You Learn More From Questions or Answers?2024-04-08T17:41:01+01:00
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