There are clearly times when we need to make the right decision first time out. Tiger runs at you. Scampering up the tree seems like a good enough decision! If you make the wrong decision, chances are you won’t get a second chance. There is understandably a lot of pressure and stress associated, not to mention a fear of getting it wrong.

Thankfully, most of the decisions we make are not life and death and may not even affect us personally. And yet, we often tend to take the same approach as if we had something personal at stake. Not only do we put pressure on ourselves to get the decision right, but we also identify with the decision. Any criticism of the decision becomes a criticism of us.

What if we changed our approach and started treating every decision as a trial? How might that change our feelings towards the decisions we make?

Nobody is really on the hook with a trial because the whole framing is around “We don’t know. Let’s see how the whole world will respond.” This resetting of expectations removes the pressure to defend the decision and allows us to more objectively assess the evidence and respond to feedback!

Why not try it?


What if I treated everything as a trial?