I was at a large tech conference last week and AI was naturally on everyone’s minds. What was also clear was a distinct bias towards creating tech simply because we can with no real regard for consequences.

It really was – well let’s worry about that later or indeed that is a matter for public policy.

I don’t believe tech is either good or bad, to be loved or feared. It simply is.

And yet, its use has consequences. Any tech can be used to be our benefit or detriment. It has been continually used throughout history to create and destroy jobs. The same is true for AI.

I just feel there is little to be gained by joining the pro or anti camp and instead being open and transparent about who is winning and who is losing from its use along with the risks and the opportunities.

In short, I think we benefit from being wholly dispassionate about our tech. They are all ultimately just tools.

Tom O'Leary: Decision Coaching ¦ Self-Leadership ¦ Leadership Development