5 11, 2021

To Do or Not To Do?


Reading Time: 4 minutes The great tragedy of the to-do list is that it was put together by the person you were yesterday.David WhyteTo-do lists are the portal through which many people view their lives. In a complex world, they can help calm our brains, which have a tendency to hang on to the undone and the unfinished. It can thus be very helpful to get it all out of your head and give your brain permission to let go in the knowledge that it won’t be forgotten. What happens, however, is that these lists either multiply or get so [...]

To Do or Not To Do?2022-03-09T11:34:36+00:00
7 05, 2021

What is on your to-be list?


Reading Time: 2 minutes  I've had a lot of conversations this week around the challenge of returning to the physical world as lockdowns ease in various countries. For many, lockdowns created a whole load of "free time" that was then filled with all sorts of new and fun Covid activities until we got back up to the appropriate level of busyness. That busyness can now easily flip to overwhelm as we add back some of our pre-Covid activities. That has got me thinking about my to-do and to-be lists. For starters, my to-do list has become incredibly [...]

What is on your to-be list?2022-01-17T11:15:55+00:00
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