1 09, 2023

What If I’ve Lost My Passion For Everything?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: I am going to a funeral of a friend’s dad shortly, so my first thought is: “Are we not privileged to feel anything?” These lines from Rumi’s The Guest House - regarding the new arrivals that come unexpectedly into [...]

What If I’ve Lost My Passion For Everything?2023-09-01T11:31:26+01:00
13 04, 2023

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?


Reading time: <2 minutesI ask myself this question every morning. The idea for me is to become more aware of times in which I may be trying 'too hard' or ‘too intensely’ at something – this can be anything from a task to a relationship. This then leads to the question [...]

How Might I Find More Rest During the Day?2023-06-30T07:58:18+01:00
5 04, 2022

Ever Told You Are a Procrastinator?


Reading time: 2 minutes You’re not alone. Pretty much everyone procrastinates in some way and up to 20% of the adult population are deemed chronic sufferers. There is no doubt that there can be real world consequences if you consistently miss deadlines at work or in life. Business can be [...]

Ever Told You Are a Procrastinator?2023-04-06T09:06:23+01:00
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