28 08, 2023

How Do You Study Your Mindset?


I was recently asked this question and here is my answer: Great question. My own question would be who is the “You” in this question? It is always interesting to explore the assumptions underpinning our questions as we may find bigger questions to explore that offer very different perspectives. I have [...]

How Do You Study Your Mindset?2023-08-30T08:57:02+01:00
21 08, 2023

Are You a Complainer?


I like to think I don't complain all that much because I don't really see the purpose or benefit. And yet, this morning I found myself settling into a conversation that revolved around complaining about people who complain too much. I know 😬 We caught ourselves reasonably early, but it nevertheless [...]

Are You a Complainer?2023-08-29T14:02:27+01:00
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