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The idea behind the reflection-action approach is to break the steady focus on getting things done and focus more on what it is we want to accomplish. To put it into plain English:

Take Stock….. ….then….. ….Take Action… and rinse and repeat.

It all starts with aspirations – a vision if you like. It can help to break with the present moment by physically placing ourselves in that future. A random opening question might be: “As you think about your ideal future in say 5 years, what images, feelings, or sounds come to mind that inspire and motivate you?”

Once that vision has been painted and is up on the wall (so to speak) then the next step is, for people who may not want to do a grand plan, “What one thing can I do now that would have the most impact?

This might be an actual doing or may be around mindset, behaviour, identity, environment. We are complex beings so there is clearly no single path. Then comes reflection:

  • What have I learnt?
  • Am I noticing any new opportunities?
  • Has the vision shifted?

This process is very tight in that there are no major plans to develop and implement and yet you are continually checking in to see that you are on track. It is built around collecting experiences rather than explanations. It will work well for some, not so well for others.