#40 How Is My Morning Routine Serving My Day?
#40 How Is My Morning Routine Serving My Day?

My mother always used to say “Start as you mean to continue”.

The wonderful gift we receive each morning is a blank canvas on which to paint our day.

So, I’m curious, what are the first things you put on that canvas?

In short, what is your morning routine?

Some people start with their inbox, others with a favourite book and still others with a morning run! Some people don’t have any. There is clearly no one right routine but there probably are ways of better preparing for whatever a particular day has in store for us.

And that is the key message: there probably are ways of better preparing for whatever a particular day has in store for us.

The first step is becoming intimately familiar with your current routine. So much of what we do is out of conscious awareness that we hardly notice. The more we understand each step in our morning routine and how they either energise or frustrate us, the better equipped we are to rearrange or remove these steps depending on our day.

I have had clients who realised that their home environment, full of noise and distractions, was not beneficial to them in the morning. It was not setting them up for their days.

They thus decided to get up before everyone else and retire to their home office where they could prepare for their day in calm. This allowed them to get some high impact work done such that by the time they got into the office they had already accomplished much.

My morning routine certainly adapts depending on what I have scheduled but the basic building blocks of meditation, written reflection, exercise and a very late breakfast are usually in the mix. Email and messaging typically come later. The underlying purpose is to approach the day on my terms before being buffeted by the fates.

So, the invitation is to keep this question with you:

“What morning routine might best prepare me for the day ahead?”

Questions in the Image:

  • What is my usual morning routine?
  • What does today likely hold in store for me?
  • What morning routine might best prepare me for the day ahead?

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