#331 How Might I Delegate More Effectively?
#331 How Might I Delegate More Effectively?

If we are honest, we sometimes delegate tasks as a means of clearing our to-do lists. It may feel easier to get it off our plate than to start a deeper exploration as to whether the task itself is worth the effort. It won’t be our effort so what do we care?

And yet, this act of delegation is a wonderful opportunity to dive a little deeper into the actual value to us of what we are delegating.

In this spirit, ask yourself:

  • What will be different when this task has been completed?
  • What will it have accomplished?
  • How do I communicate this to the other person?


  • Am I clear on the cost?
  • On what might not be done because of this?
  • On what else might have been delegated?

Remember, for delegation to be truly effective the task has to have meaning, and hence be worth doing over anything else no matter who is doing it.

“Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all.” – Peter Drucker

How Am I Delegating?

If the task is truly worth doing, then ask yourself how the task is being delegated:

– What instructions have I provided?

– How am I asking that this task be done?

– Am I concerned solely with the outcome?

– Do I want it done in a certain way?

– Does the other person have the necessary skills and mindset?

– How do I know they have understood what I am asking?

These questions are merely intended to inspire. In truth, there is so much more to be curious about in terms of what, why and how we delegate.

Questions in the Image:

  • How might I delegate more effectively?
  • Am I delegating something worth doing?
  • Am I communicating what this means to me?

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