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Would you read this if you knew it were written by #ChatGPT?

I don’t know about you but I love checking out thoughtful posts on LinkedIn. It allows me to see different perspectives and get a sense for how the author views the world and of my own blind spots / potential biases. As a community, it is also a way of building relationships.

The dramatic rise of ChatGPT and its cousins raises some real questions. I should say that I use the system on a reasonably regular basis and it does a whole series of tasks incredibly well so I have no issue with the technology per se.

My concern is how can I ever know whether your LinkedIn post is from your heart and soul or simply generated in a data centre.

Perhaps it has only been used to polish the text – does that detract from it?

Does using it make what is being said less valid?
Less worthy of being heard?

There are a whole host of deeper philosophical questions that we will need to consider as such technology becomes more embedded but whatever happens we can’t carry on as if it is business as usual.

I must say that it does make me less inclined to read other posts – if I want to chat with the AI I know how to do that.

So, what are we to do?