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A comment on my post yesterday that kids can teach us a lot about play if we allow them to really got me thinking. Like many of us, I typically have the outline of my working day in my head – start this time – end roughly that time – get such and such done. During this time I’m pretty disciplined with certain activities being allowed and others not. The lockdown and having kids at home during the day has somehow messed with the neatness of this arrangement. From time to time my son will ask me at some random stage during his school day if I want to play. My instinctive reaction is almost always ‘lots going on today – don’t have the time – let’s play later’. And we do but the truth is that many times I could take those 20 minutes. Some stuff gets done a little later. Unless I turned up late for a call nobody would notice or care. I just need to give myself permission. Next time he asks I’m going to say yes and see how it feels. My sense is that it would set me up nicely for whatever is to follow.