I was asked this question recently and here is my answer:

If you feel you have wasted too much time, then you have wasted too much time. It is your choice.

On the other hand, you could think:

“How wonderful! Every minute I have spent on this planet has made me the person I am now.”

And now the most powerful part:

You get to decide right now how you will spend your day and who you will be today.

So, what gives you purpose and joy? What gives you energy?

Ask yourself: In a year from now, what would I like to have accomplished? If you did a post on Quora in a year from now and you said “I have had the most amazingly fulfilling year”, what would you be talking about?

If you want to think some more about your relationship with time, the Time Academy Podcast may have some questions for you!

I was asked a very similar question recently and here is a slightly different answer to the same core question:

This question makes a number of metaphysical assumptions.

  • Firstly, it assumes that there is such a thing as time.
  • Secondly, it states that said time can be wasted.
  • Thirdly, it implies that certain activities are not a waste of said time.

Regardless of how you think about time, time is not something any human has ever touched, tasted or smelled. It is thus not a “thing” in the way a table or a chair is a “thing”. It is not even a smell or a sound that acts on one of our senses.

It is instead conjured up from our lived experience as a whole (traditionally starting with the rotation of the earth…. sun “rises” and “sets”).

  • What then is time?
  • How can you waste it?
  • Even if you could waste it, do you not live and breathe every moment of every day?
  • Is that a waste of time?

This sense of time being something that can be wasted is surely related to societal norms around purpose and productivity.

In many cultures, time is seen as a commodity to be used efficiently, but this is a human-imposed value, not an intrinsic quality of time itself.

If you want to explore how you think about time, the Time Academy podcast asks a whole series of questions around our relationship with time.