I was recently asked a question along these lines and here is my answer:

Great question.

I certainly haven’t found a single silver bullet and yet we can certainly manage our response.

First of all, it really helps to explore what exactly and how specifically you are being distracted. There are clearly a whole host of things that are not within your control so perhaps focus on what is. Is there anything you can change in your environment that would help?

I have also found accepting the fact that there are distraction and adapting the work I’m doing. If I am in a busy office type setting, I work on tasks that aren’t overly impacted by distractions – say emails.

What has worked for me, however, are comfy over-ear headphones. I don’t even play music. The simple fact of putting them on focused my mind and reduces the amount of mental energy I spend on the outside world. They tell me everything is safe and that I can focus on the task at hand.

This short episode of the Time Academy Podcast further explores my own thoughts on how our environments impact us physically, emotionally or spiritually.