I was recently asked a few questions to this effect and here is my answer:

Great questions! I’ve been on this journey for a while and my personal experience has been that it starts with seeing and asking more questions.

By seeing questions, I mean allowing the world to offer us questions throughout the day. Using every moment and experience as a potential question. As we see more questions, we naturally begin to ask more questions.

I was explaining this to a friend recently and he asked: “But isn’t that exhausting?

Not when every fibre of your being is naturally curiosity. The reason I had to nurture my own curiosity was as a result of decades of formal education where I was taught to value answers over questions.

My motto now is Always Be Questioning! As Einstein said: “Curiosity has its own reason for existing”.

Anyway, I’ve written a load of free content on this so if any of it helps great: Nurturing Curiosity – Daily Practice!