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We live in a busy world with constant interruption but a lot of the time we confuse busyness and productivity. Busyness is about getting lots done. Productivity is about getting the right things done.

Working out what is right for each of us is obviously a journey. I came upon this old Guardian article on the Top five regrets of the dying, Worth reading if you haven’t and worth re-reading even if you have.

In any event, it seemed to me that the five top regrets can be used to help each of us assess what is right for us now:

1) Am I living my own life or the life others expect of me?
2) Am I working too hard?
3) Do I have the courage to say what needs to be said?
4) Am I finding time for family and friends?
5) How much joy do I allow myself?

So, are you getting the right things done?