The Art of Opportunity is a practical framework that enables clients to turn their visions into reality, moment by moment. This approach consists of five key invitations that are relevant for anyone looking to bring a vision to life. Nevertheless, recognizing that each one of us has unique preferences, motivations and learning styles, it is important to note that the way we engage with these invitations will be highly personal.

1) Dream Big and tap into your creative potential to identify fresh possibility.

  • What might your world look like in 25 years?
  • Who do you see yourself becoming?
  • Let’s play: Imagine you can magically make the vision a reality right now, what does it look like? What feelings and emotions are you experiencing?

Stepping further back, how might your vision contribute not only to your work and business, family and friends but also to your community and beyond?

2) Craft a Living Vision that evolves with you, embracing impermanence and remaining open to new opportunities and challenges as your circumstances and understanding change. Having a flexible and adaptable vision is essential to continuously challenging yourself as your world grows bigger and staying mindful that we are always part of something bigger. This ongoing iterative process also enables you to develop strategies to bring parts of your vision to life in the present.

3) Act with Intent by establishing daily practices that prioritize the essential and leverage your strengths. Focusing on what truly matters helps you stay aligned with your vision and values, even amidst distractions and competing demands. Prioritizing activities conserves energy and attention, whilst also enhancing decision-making. By intentionally designing your days, you maximize purpose and fulfilment, transforming the journey itself into a series of meaningful daily destinations. Remember, today is the only day we ever truly live.

4) Remain Curious and learn to ask better questions and experiment with new ideas to unlock new perspectives and remove barriers that stand in your way. This is where ongoing coaching support can be truly transformational in uncovering hidden horizons and new ways of engaging with the world.

Build Communities around you that share your values and help keep you energised and motivated. I know from personal experience that such external support can be critical in truly embedding the learning and continually nudging us to stay on the path to mastery. I have a Coaching Community with whom I meet every second Monday and their support and energy have been a critical part of my world over the past number of years.

Short Case Study

Take Jim, a business owner, with whom I’ve been working for over two years. When we started, he had just launched a new business and was struggling to find balance across his life. So, we started dreaming big and built a vision for his business and life outside of work. I challenged Jim to ask bigger questions about purpose, productivity and profitability.

As a result, Jim discovered that his business was simply a tool serving a larger purpose. By intentionally focusing on activities that had the biggest impact, he was able to dedicate more time to his family and personal pursuits while still keeping his business on track. We continue to work to ensure Jim doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture and stays intentional and strategic in his decision-making. Ultimately, it is not just about doing more but rather more of what matters.