My focus is on building long-term relationships that last years and continue to deliver value for clients. The more quality time we spend together, the increasing value I can offer and that frankly is why I do what I do. This doesn’t mean I’m going to suggest that we sign a five-year five-digit deal right away but rather that everything I do will be intended to deliver value for you for the long-term.

Individuals: What Conversations Need to Be Had Right Now?

I would suggest that for starters you Book a Free Call because it all begins with a conversation.

Also, a lot can be covered in one call and you will likely have a sense after the call whether you are good for now or whether this feels like the start of a new journey of exploration and growth. If you are good for now then this is my gift to you.

In exploring whatever question you are holding right now, we may also get to work with your vision, real priorities, daily practices, skillset as well as how you truly allocate your time, energy and attention.

Organisational Settings: What Aren’t You Questioning?
  • If you are looking for support in an organisational setting to truly unshackle productivity, creativity, motivation and satisfaction this may be of interest: Shining Light on Blind Spots!
  • If that resonates a subsequent read through Tailored Options may make this more tangible!
  • I have served in a series of leadership capacities for non-profits in recent years and continue to do so. I would therefore be open to exploring possibilities around further board roles both voluntary and remunerated. My working life has largely been spent outside of organisational settings so I feel a freshness that, along with my question-led approach honed in my coaching work, helps shine light on blind spots and uncover possibility.